Calling All Brains

Empirical Reasoning. Thinking like a scientist

There was a recent news article this week brining up the dangers of cell phones for brains and brain development.

A Few Activities:
1) Read the article together (individual, small group, large group depending on the need) and discuss
Level 1: What is the article about?
Level 2: What does this mean to you and to the world?
Level 3: What kind of Empirical Reasoning is this….

  • What do you think about this study?  This seems to have been a contentious debate over the last few years – very polarizing.
  • What are questions you have about this study? How would you challenge it?
  • As an empirical study, what would you expect to see for it to be trusted?
  • What questions does it raise for you?
  • What other studies might you want to see conducted to get more information?
  • If this study were true, how many people are currently using cell phones and might be susceptible? How has this number increased over the last couple of years?

Let curiosity guide this…

2) In addition to talking about the study and the effects of the study, you could work with students to look at the anatomy and function of the brain.

  • Divide the class into groups to present out about each area of the brain and discuss its role and how it is affected.
  • Have students learn about Left and Right brain and identify which they are more closely connected to and why.  What does this mean for their learning style?

3) Expanded Research:

  • What other chemicals, radiation, nutrients effect the brain in negative or positive way?  Find one study and share.

Content Connection:

Resources on the Brain:
General: (cool animation) – PBS Site
Visual: Science Blogs
Overview: About the Brain
Cartoon: You Tube
Anatomy and Roles: Brain Health,

What is a Tumor:
Basic: MedTerms
More Detailed: Cancer.Gov

Brain Tumor Symptoms:
General: Mayo Clinic


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