Would You Rather


So, it’s friday. Lots of things to possibly do for advisory, but then it may be tense in school – getting near exhibitions, nearing the end of the month, the end of a long week.  Maybe it’s time for a fun discussion activity that can help people (as a by product) get to know each other better at a deep level.

One fun game to play in the group is “Would you rather”.  Just give people a choice between two opposite extremes and force a choice? What does this say about you that you made this choice?

The key, as in all discussion activities, is to stoke people to discuss the “why” behind their choice, play with the ideas and have people talk about examples.

Here are some questions you could ask (you can create lots more! – if you have some good ones, put them in the comments!)

Would you rather:

  • Be 4’1″ or 7’5″
  • loose your sight or loose your hearing
  • Save a sibling or a stranger from a fire
  • Meet an alien visitor or travel to outer space
  • Eat Sushi or Liver
  • Spend the day at the computer or at the beach
  • End Hunger or Hatred
  • Always lose or never play
  • Read everyone’s mind or know their future
  • Be forced to tell your friend a lie or tell your parents the truth
  • Have the power to fly or be invisible
  • Overthrow a dictator or be one
  • Be an actor or actress in big movie or be the director
  • Be remembered for doing good or being rich
  • Have a missing finger or an extra toe
  • Be forgotten or hatefully remembered
  • Talk to a friend or read a book
  • Get the last laugh or get first dibs
  • Be the sand castle or the wave
  • Find True love or 10 Million Dollars
  • Kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab
  • Give bad advice or take bad advice
  • Publish your diary or make a movie of your most embarrassing moment
  • Live without music or tv
  • Be gossiped about or never talked about at all


Also – have students write their own “Would you Rather questions – keep a running list for the year.” Turn it into a survey and have one student track the answers and cart them – maybe take them across advisories.  Let it ride!



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