Exhibitions – Reminders


Many schools across the country that use various forms of authentic assessment, in the form of public exhibitions, will have quarterly or trimester exhibitions soon. You have already had your conversations with staff about what the main goals of exhibition are for the quarter in general, what the tenor of the experience will be like (where on the continuum between celebration and proving ground).

Some reminders:

  1. Have an expectation for each student about what success means.
  2. Decide where on the continuum between celebration and proving ground your exhibitions should be and communicate this transparently to students, parents, other panelists and other staff when coming to your exhibitions.
  3. Train panelists before the exhibition.  Don’t rely on the feedback form to do the training for you!  Students should be coached to observe carefully, look for specific benchmarks, ask questions, and provide feedback actively.
  4. Have students prepare to reflect on their learning at exhibition.  Stage one – say what you did, Stage 2 – talk about what you learned from what you did. (See the What I did | What I learned chart)
  5. Have a feedback form that supports your goals and philosophy. ( I favor the open ended feedback forms…).
  6. Do things that will increase the comfort and effectiveness of each student while speaking and presenting:
    1. Prep and run through
    2. Note cards + visual
    3. Have objects there
    4. Hold it in an “inspirational” place.
    5. Bring food (set the culture)

Post Exhibition:

  1. At the end of the exhibition, consider circling up the panel and have every person give brief warm and cool feedback.  Also ask the presenter to give their initial impressions.
  2. Consider having a process for creating a “contract” or list of work to be completed along with due dates and strategies for completion.




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