The Critique Sandwich

You are such a dedicated advisor spending your time andrew-unangst-close-up-of-sandwich-main_Fulllearning about new ideas and techniques, You probably should be responding to kids journals more (and more consistently), but you obviously care so much for your students – it shows even from here.

There you have it – the critique sandwich (Maggie, an advisor at Community Connections calls it an OREO).  In honor of exhibition week, just a reminder of a helpful critique process, a way of presenting praise and  suggestions for growth.  It is hard, we all know, to maintain the  balance of a relationship with your students while still pushing them forward to grow. (Welcome to our life shout their parents!).  That being said, sometimes, a direct approach, is not always most effective – but you know you’ve got to say something.  So, slather that critique in praise and there you have it, the critique sanwich:

Top Bread – Some kind of positive reinforcement/ comment

Meat (or cheese/ fake cheese for vegans) -The critical analysis, reminder, assessment, suggestion.

Bottom Bread – return to the soft cushion of positive reinforcement. (No cibatta allowed here).

Give it a try and see how it works.  (If you have an great stories with these, post them as comments).

How to make sandwiches:




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