Great Books for Students


Exhibitions over?  Whew…or maybe Yeah! …or maybe D’oh…

Well – it’s time to get to the learning plans and start fresh. One of the struggles can be helping kids get connected and engaged in work that isn’t connected to their internship.  One of the ways to face this challenge is with the power of a great book.  (Remember when your life was changed by a book? What was that one by the way…).  You might take the advisory to a library or Borders and encourage them to read the first few pages of text – what do they like? What turns them off? (Help them consider setting, character, dialogue, diction even the look of the text and density of the words).

If your team decides to offer book groups this quarter, here are some titles that have worked well in book groups or advisories in the past 10 years:

  • Push, Sapphire
  • Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
  • The Hunger Games, Susan Collins
  • The Harry Potter Books
  • Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card
  • Maus, Art Speigleman
  • A Child Called It, Dave Pelzer
  • The Hot Zone, Richard Preston
  • Nearly any Sister Soulja book
  • Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson
  • Go Ask Alice, Anonymous
  • The Things they Carried, Tim O’Brien

And a whole lot more: Download this file.

If you have a Supercalendar, look in the back at the pages that give some examples of Autobiographies.

Other Resources:

What are some of your favorite books for kids?



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