Did You Know?

You know, these are ambiguous, ever changing times. And what is better at allaying our fears, than facts (well, except if they are facts about how everything is changing).  Oh, now I don’t know what to think.  Just take a look at this…


  1. Have students write down at least five of the facts that appear in the video.  Identify at least one of them that was a big surprise. Why did this fact have such an impact? What does it mean to you?
    1. Choose one of the facts and describe what effect you think this will have on the world, our country, your town, your family, and your own life. Think about as many aspects as you can: economics, politics, environment, literature, media, sport, etc.
  2. How would you go about learning about these facts or discovering new ones?  How might you research the validity of some of these?  Talk with students about processes of research and fact checking.
  3. Give groups some more facts (list below) and have teams play a “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me” game against each other.  Each team should pick one fact that is true and write up two that are false, but may sound true, and take these to another team. The other team needs to guess which of the facts is true and which is false.  They can play in rounds.

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