Kick a Ginger Day

Segregation, alienation, bullying – another chapter in the history of human kind: Gingerism


  • Have students write a quickwrite about a time they felt singled out in a negative way or made to feel inferior because of the way they looked?  Have students share in pairs.
  • Tell students you are going to consider a particular kind of prejudice today: (if necessary as a group build a definition of prejudice). As a large group, look at the picture above.  What is the message of the picture above? Why
  • Define for students: Gingerism is defined as predjudice against people with red hair.
  • Have students read the article in the LA times about the recent bullying incident.
    • Review the facts with people (reinforce the differentiation of Facts and opinion).
    • What do they think about what happend?

    In small groups, present a specific question to think about.  Ask students to discuss these questions, decide for themselves on their answer and have at least three reasons to support why they think that.  Encourage them to think of not only their life experience and “common sense” but what they know of history, politics, economics, psychology, etc.  to form and defend their opinions.

    • What do they think about the explanation that it started as a “Joke”? Should there be limits to this kind of joke if it has a negative outcome? Why or why not?
    • As reported by Contra Costa Times, Andrew Cohen said “the incidents are more than just a prank. ‘I use the example of the Holocaust, and how it started as small acts of discrimination and then escalated to a much larger problem. . . . We can’t take these things lightly. This is a hate crime.’ ” What is a hate crime? Do you agree with Cohen that those who adhered to “Kick a Ginger Day” committed a hate crime? Is the Holocaust analogy appropriate? Why or why not?

Journal Reflection:

  • Have they ever bullied anyone? What were the circumstances?  Why did they do it?  What do they think about that now? Is there anything that someone else could have done to prevent that?
  • What other questions about this or related topics do you want to explore?




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