Energizers, Part 2

Competitive Crooning on the agenda.

Hard couple of weeks? Need to get everyone involved and buzzing?  Our friends at Big Picture Lafayette have passed on the perfect cure – a singing Pick Me Up (or Kick Me Out).  This week, they staged a PMU where the students were divided into groups and they were asked to choose a song with a particular word in it and then sing as a group.  (Who hasn’t been to a wedding where tables had to sing songs with “Love” in it?).  You can choose any word that might be on your mind: heart, learn, love, work….

You may have to lay out a few ground rules (appropriateness of lyrics and choreography, the judges rulings are final…etc.)  You may have then judged by song choice, delivery, choreography – you can take this as American Idol as you want (or the students want).  Don’t forget to have prizes or candy for the winners! (and if  you could take a short video and send it along, we’d all LOVE to see it.)

Other Contests:

  • Another rainy day song contest – Name that Tune.  Have students pair up agains one another and negotiate for how many seconds of a song they need to hear in order to “Name that Tune”.  Have an IPod handy and let the games begin!



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