Present Me, Future Me


  1. Present Me: (a Variation on Ranking Traits on Ed World). If you can get enough Post it notes, this works well (10 per student) or cut a piece of paper into ten strips (per student).  On each students write a word or phrase that describes themselves. Depending on the relationships within your group, you might try two variations.  One in which students work in pairs and get suggestions from their partner, another where it is private and confidential.   Then the student arranges the traits in order from what he most likes about himself to what he least likes. When done, I say, “Do you like what you see? Do you want to keep it? Now give up one trait. How does the lack of that affect you? Now give up another. Give up three. Now what kind of person are you?” After giving up six of the qualities, I have students regain the traits one by one. After the session, I have students write in their journals what they kept and what they learned about themselves from the experience.
  2. Future Me/Homework: Based on the activity, have the students write a letter (or email) of intent to yourself for the next 6months. What traits do they want to maximize? Explore? Minimize? What goal do they have?  If you use the site (Future they can write this letter or email and have it automatically sent to themselves.  What do they want to check in on for their work and development later in the year (by the end of the school year).  Write the letter and schedule a send.  (You may want students to have it come back on the same day so you can plan a follow up activity).

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