Valentine Type Love

Another Valentine Related Series of Activities:
Lots of ways to express how you love someone. For this activity, encourage students to get in touch with their creative side.  Sure, they could give a canned Valentine (like Lisa gives Ralph in the Simpsons – “I Choo Choo Choose You” – and it has a train on it), but there are many other ways to express your love and appreciation on Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few examples of ways to do this.
  • Give students some examples of love turned into mellifluous creativity.  (If you’ve got that kind of group, help define sublimation for them and spark their interest in the unconscious.)
  1. Have students watch the “This Type of Love” above and do their own version  – what type of love are they looking for (or have). What metaphors, similes, and other comparisons can they come up with to describe their experience?  You might have students each write one of their own, or write a couple of lines that you could put together in an advisory poem (type love).
  2. Listen to (or watch) Love Songs: 311’s Version of “Love Song”; Alicia Keys “Falling”; Mary J. Blige “Love at First Sight”; Lady Gaga “I Want Your Love”; INXS “Never Tear Us Apart”; The Police “Every Breath You Take”; go through lots of older songs (“Oh Girl anyone”) 100 Greatest Love Songs (NYPost);
    1. Obviously – go wild with this one: You could have them take a song and break it down. What does love mean to the artist?  Is it a song of longing? sadness? happiness? confusion? jealousy? ecstasy? Is it about falling in love? Unrequited love? rekindling love?  The challenges of (You might try the You do, We do, they do method with this.  Have them bring in one of their own for friday for the you do part to share with a partner in advisory. Try to pick a song that (unlike what I did earlier in the blog picking “In Your Eyes” doesn’t belie your age and dorkiness…)
    2. Have students create an advisory Valentine album – each person picks 10 love songs that should be on any album (an extra 10 points for any Prince song).  You could then have people design a CD case or each choose one song and make an advisory cd.  What would the theme of the CD be? Have students write liner notes – what does this song say about love?  How does it fit the theme?  – If you were ambitious, research with students how would you get permissions for the songs if you wanted to compile, package, and sell your product.
    3. An interested student may want to make this into an action research project.  Have them make a survey of people’s favorite love songs. Go to a public place and ask people a couple of questions – maybe  a scale of how romantic they think they are, how much the enjoy love songs, and which song is their favorite love song. They can interview 30-50 people, record the info and present the results ina graph. What did they learn? What was their hypothesis going into it?


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