Take Cover, its “My Way”

It is hard to see ourselves the way we are, often times.  Its a blind spot of the human experience.  We can, however, easily judge things outside our cultural comfort zone.  Last week, the NYTimes ran a story that will challenge us to remain objective and reason like a social scientist.  In the Phillipines, where karaoke is a favorite past time, men have been killing each other over different songs, but singing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” is a ticket to gun play.


  • Ask students an introductory question to focus the students and connect to prior experience.  You might have them think about what are the most important past times in the United States and what does this say about us?  What do people take pride in – in the various countries or cultures you’ve visited?
  • Read the article with students.
  • Review the basics of the story:  Who is the article about? Where does it take place? Why is it important?
    • What questions do you have about this? (What would you ask to understand it more deeply?)
    • What do you think contributes to these actions?
  • What happens in your community or our country that might be seen by others, outside our culture, as strange or unthinkable?


Enciendalo! (Your Way)

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