This is not a….

This is square. Well, that is one way to look at it. It could be the overhead outline of a bedroom chamber or the heart of a robot.  It could be the close up of a brick or a patch on a John Deere hat.  It could be a mosaic tile from the ruins in Pompeii or part of a Chinese watercolor scroll.  There are so many things this “square” could be, if only it had a chance…


For this advisory activity, collect colored pencils, charcoal, or crayons for the students to use. You might also have some old magazines around for students to use as inspiration or to use as material for this project.  This is an opportunity for the students to visualize and be creative.  You might introduce this as an activity in

Give students a shape, like  a square, and tell them they can use this as part of whatever drawing they like.  You can use a form with a square already drawn on it.  (Like this one) if you like. They should incorportate the original shape in whatever picture they would like. Give them a set amount of time (20 – 30 minutes) and encourage them to be detailed and spend time creating the look they would like.

You might think about having them write a few sentences on the back detailing what they drew and why they chose this as the object. (If there is time, have people share as a large group).  This  is not a square, it is a…._________________.

Depending on your advisory culture, you could have soft music on in the background to set the mood.

You can use this with many objects glued to a piece of paper (popsicle sticks, straws, coins, buttons, etc) or shapes drawn on the Paper.


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