What do you see?


Choose a photo or bring in a photo for the students to choose from to write. Give guidelines (how long they have, how long the writing should be.  you have done this before, think about the writing skills, styles or techniques that you might want to highlight or practice. You could have students write in dialogue, or use metaphor, or create a compare and contrast descriptions, or try to persuade the reader about something having to do with the picture. It could be a free write where you ask them to make a list of what they see, describe what might be happening, just happened, or will happen based on what they see, tell a story about the place or characters, or just describe in detail everything you see.

You might have students look up a compelling photo on one of these sites (below) and choose one to write further about or one that they could swap with another student.

You can also vary with historical photographs, landscapes, portraits, etc.



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