Two Great Math Blogs

Ok, so I hate to be too postmodern – a blog about blogs, but I found two resources that would be good subscriptions for advisors who are looking to help students expand their critical thinking skills. These resources are for you – the adult – to keep creative and focusing on interesing

The Opinionat0r – Steve Strogatz

The “Opinionator” Blog at the New York times provides a lot of interesting info an mathematical thinking.  He writes about interesting and challenging topics – and just reading a few has helped me connect ideas for investigations for student projects (when I can follow it).

The Math Mom

The Math Mom has a great way of framing experience through the lens of math.  Her site is filled with reflections and activities from looking at the world daily as a quantitative mind.

There are also activities to use that are framed around daily life experience. They are divided into “easy”, “medium”, and “hard”.  Give them a try and sign up for the newsletter.

Enciendalo! (x2)

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