Perceptions of Beauty

What is your definition of beauty? Give examples of what you mean.

Sometimes the best advisory conversations come from these basic questions which explore

Have students journal an answer or do a think, pair, share with a partner about the question above.

During the share out, write different definitions on the board.  Encourage students to think about similarities and difference.  Ask them to consider the origins of thier definitions of beauty.  Where does this come from?  Is it innate?  is it learned? If it is learned, learned from where?

After the discussion naturally stalls, watch this video with the advisory and ask them to think about the implications of it:

Response Questions:

  1. What is your initial response to seeing this video?
  2. What are some of the messages of this video about images of beauty in our culture? Give examples to support your observation.  Do you agree or disagree with these messages?
  3. Who is the audience for this piece?
  4. Does this short video create any questions in your mind?  What are they?
  5. How might current media images effect out perceptions of ourselves and others?  Give specific examples.