We’ve Got Secrets

It’s Friday – a perfect day after a long week at school, it may be a good time to have a fun team-building advisory activity, high impact, low stress.  This activity is based on an old game show (I’ve Got a Secret) where people presented secrets about themselves and contestants had to guess the person’s secret by asking questions (a little like 20 questions).  The person couldn’t give the secret directly, only clues until the contestants guessed it or got close.  So here, an advisory activity inspired by I’ve Got a Secret…



  • You want to get students to write secrets down without showing anyone or telling anyone in advisory.  You then have to put these secrets on one paper to hand out to the whole advisory.
    • You might cut a piece of paper into strips and hand to students a strip, have them write their “secret” on it, then collect it, tape it all to one paper and xerox for the advisory. Or you pass out scrap paper, collect it, and quickly type it up for use with the advisory.
  • When coaching them to write down a secret, ask students to write something about themselves that other students in the class don’t already know. (You may need to remind them that it should be something they are willing to share with the group and is appropriate to share…)
  • Compile these “secrets” on one sheet.
  • Give one sheet to each member of advisory.
  • Have the students mingle and ask each other probing questions to try to match the “secret” to the person.
  • After a reasonable amount of time, bring the group together and reveal the truth – allow for enough time for students to elaborate on their “secret”.