Take Care of Each Other

careSo far, in the blog, I’ve focused on activities, since, having been a teacher and advisor, I know how much I wanted ideas to use or to spark my imagination.  This, in many ways is the how, the mechanism for the work.  The what – is learning and advisory, as a microcosm of society, is often about learning to be and live with one another.  It is a place that often produces and provides an opportunity to deal with conflict, to experience joy, and to grieve together.

This week, after the tragic murder and torture of a woman and her daughter by high school students in New Hampshire, their school rallied together and used advisory, the place with the greatest relationships, to help students hear and discuss the events that took place in their community.  The school posted the following message on the website:

“The first column I wrote for this week was about a pep rally, a dance-off, and a badminton game—silly things that happened in school last week. And then tragedy struck the Mont Vernon community, and early on the morning of October 7th, we learned that two of our students had been charged with serious crimes. I want to let you know how our school responds to devastating incidents.

We asked our staff to meet in the theatre before school. We handed them a statement to read in their Advisories, and when the school day started at 7:30, we began our day in Advisory. We shared the facts we knew with our students, and told them we would continue to share information with them as it became available. We asked them to refrain from spreading rumors, and to turn off their cell phones unless they needed to check in with their parents. We closed the campus for the day and asked students not to leave school. We asked them to take good care of themselves and each other today.”

Read the entire Communication from the School

Let us all keep the spark to care for each other and create spaces and places for this in our schools and advisories.