The Worst Song in the World


It’s happened to all of us.  We hear a song and can’t stop singing it and we kick ourselves for getting caught by the insidious song.  (I will step up to admit that on my way to high school the evil powers of PAC 93 forced me to hum “Misled” despite my rational objections.  It’s not even good Kool and the Gang!)

Even with this phenomena, these songs may be annoying and grating, but are they the worst songs in the world?  There is a new “scientific” way to compose a truly repulsive song – the Most Unwanted Song. A composer took data about what people do not like to hear, and built a song around it.  (Talk about a great product as the result of a survey!)

Take a listen.  Is it the most unwanted song?  What is it that repulses us?

Consider the Aspects of Music:

Instrumentation, pace, volume, tone, rhythm, length, harmony, melody

What do your students think would go into the most unwanted song in the world. Let their sense of disgust and repulsion rule!