Crossed House Puzzle

houseOk, so as long as we’re getting random, we might as well try another math/quantitative reasoning puzzle. Here is another site that has interesting logic and math related puzzles to check out.  Cool math Puzzles

I like this one because it looks simple (and isn’t) and because you can do it with very little materials – paper, pencil, brain….

Like anything constructivist, the key to this is to give ample room to “play” and ample questioning and guidance to scaffold away from overwhelming frustration – you want the right amount of dissonance to help them test, reflect, persevere, and learn.

So this is the write up from this site on the “Crossed House” Puzzle – and what they list as a solution -though I should warn you it is really more of a clue than a solution.  Have fun!

The crossed house puzzle
Your task is a fairly simple-looking one: to draw this diagram by putting your pencil down on the paper, and drawing a single continuous line. You are not allowed to go over any of the lines.

You can solve this with a lot of difficult trial and error, or you can be mathematically clever, and work out a basic principle that applies to problems like this one and the Königsberg bridge problem.

This is somewhat of an explanation- more of a clue.